Non-Gaming Microsoft Xbox One on the Way?

Non-Gaming Microsoft Xbox One on the Way?


When Microsoft formally unveiled the Xbox One at its special event, a lot of people commented how the company seemed to focus so much on TV, entertainment and sports, expending far less energy on the gaming side of the equation. What if you could get an Xbox One with basically no video game functionality at all? Microsoft thinks you might be interested.

Chalk this up to rumor and consume it with the prescribed grain of salt, but there is word coming from technologist Paul Thurrott that Microsoft is planning to release a version of the Xbox One that doesn’t have any gaming at all. It will be geared entirely toward entertainment. This means that you’ll use it to watch TV and sports, stream video content from Hulu and Netflix, and listen to your music over Spotify. Want to play Forza or Ryse? You’ll have to get the real Xbox One instead.

As would make sense, the entertainment-only Xbox One would have to be cheaper than its gaming-capable cousin, though it’s unclear how much cheaper Microsoft is willing to go to make this a compelling buy. As you know, the Xbox One is set to launch this week for $499. The kicker is this entertainment-only version is already ready to launch, but Microsoft is scared that it would cannibalize sales of the main console. This is almost like the Nintendo 2DS, except even stranger.