Watch Movies, Earn Xbox One Media Achievements

Watch Movies, Earn Xbox One Media Achievements


Achievement unlocked: Don’t play games on Xbox One.

If you watched the Xbox One press conference earlier this year, then you’ll know that Microsoft was all about TV and sports with its next-generation console. As it turns out, they want to reward you for not playing games too. Just as you can earn all sorts of achievements for accomplishing certain goals inside of games, you’ll apparently earn media achievements when you watch movies on your Xbox One too.

According to Microsoft, “Xbox One is empowering partners to bring media achievements and exclusive Snap experiences, as well as many other things to entertainment apps, offering everybody the opportunity to achieve badges or rewards for the media they consume in addition to gaming.”

What this means is that when you start streaming through your Netflix movies or you watch some TV shows on Hulu Plus, you could actually increase your Gamerscore with all the invaluable street cred that a higher Gamerscore brings… even if these points have nothing to do with playing games at all. Perhaps they’ll have a separate section for media achievements.

In any case, the Xbox One will hit our shores on November 22 with a launch price of $499.99. Are you getting one? Or are you more of a PS4 fan?