Apple iPad Air is $479 at Walmart, Apple, Best Buy and Staples

Apple iPad Air is $479 at Walmart, Apple, Best Buy and Staples


The new Apple iPad Air was formally announced a little over a week ago, but now it is available for your purchasing pleasure. As is convention, Walmart has slashed $20 off the $499 MSRP for the 16GB iPad Air, bringing the effective price down to just $479.

You would assume with the $20 savings that most people would then flock to Walmarts across the last to grab the tablet, but you don’t have to do that. It has now been confirmed that several stores will be price-matching Walmart on this deal. This includes the Apple Store itself, as well as Best Buy and Staples. You You just have to ask, but they may ask you to bring in a Walmart ad. In the case of Staples, they’ve even listed the 16GB iPad Air at $479 straight up.

If you were hoping to get the price match at your local RadioShack, then you’re unfortunately out of luck. They’re sticking with the $499 MSRP for the 16-gigger, but they did say that they are increasing trade-in values for old iPads, so you may be able to enjoy some increased savings by taking that route. And they’re already honoring the new $299 price point for the iPad mini (non-Retina).