Patented: LG G Health Smartwatch with Flexible OLED Display?

Patented: LG G Health Smartwatch with Flexible OLED Display?



Sony has a smartwatch. Samsung has a smartwatch. Everyone wants to make a smartwatch and LG is no exception. The latest rumors come by way of a USPTO search, revealing a recent trademark filing by LG for the “LG G Health.” Word is that this will be the company’s entry into the burgeoning smartwatch arena.


Aside from the name, of course, the patent filing really doesn’t tell us anything about the product itself. A smartwatch from LG has been brewing up in the rumor mill for some time now and LG has used the “G” naming scheme for both hardware and software. In this way, G Health could simply be a health-related app for their phones, much like S Health on Galaxy devices.

If true, though, it looks like the LG G Health smartwatch will have more of a focus on health than some of its competitors. It could conceivably combine some features currently found on fitness trackers, for example. And it could have a similar curved OLED display as what we now see in the G Flex smartphone. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.