Google WiFi Passport App Automatically Connects to Hotspot Service

Google WiFi Passport App Automatically Connects to Hotspot Service


131028-googleHave you ever had the experience where you come across a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you go through the splash page to accept the terms and enter your login information, and then you arrive at a related hotspot later on and have to go through the same song and dance again? It can be frustrating, because you’re logging into the same service with the same information, even if you’re at another location for another session.

Google is experimenting with a new app called WiFi Passport that will let you automatically log into WiFi access points without having to re-enter your password. The search engine giant partnered up with MOGPlay for the test run, trying it out in Jakarta, Indonesia.

WiFi is a more popular option there than cellular data and that’s why many carriers offer access points. That said, it can be frustrating for customers to re-enter their information every time. The WiFi Passport app handles that for them, so the service is far more seamless and they can even track how much time they have remaining.

The service istself is free for the first 10 days and then its 20,000 IDR (about $1.80) for 20 days or 50,000 IDR (about $4.50) for 50 days. Speaking for myself, this is effectively how the Shaw hotspots work for us in Vancouver, but without the need for an app. You login once and it remembers your device. That seems like a better solution to me.