Custom Moto Maker Moto X Smartphone Now $99.99 with AT&T

Custom Moto Maker Moto X Smartphone Now $99.99 with AT&T


The Moto X smartphone from Motorola broke several conventions by avoiding the spec war and focusing on the experience. It is also the first smartphone to offer some crazy color customizations. You may have seen the Moto X on sale for $100 through Best Buy and Amazon already, but those are just the standard version. Now, AT&T has equally slashed the price down on the Moto X to $99.99 and that includes Moto Maker customizations.

If you go to the Moto Maker website, you’ll find the tools to pick out the custom colors for your Moto X with AT&T. You can chance the case color, the accent colors and so on. And then, when you digitally sign a two-year contract with AT&T, you can get your unique Moto X for a penny shy of $100, before taxes and such.

There’s an added incentive to go through the Moto Maker website to get your phone. When you do, you’ll get a bonus Motorola Skip for free. This clip attaches to your belt and gives you NFC connectivity. Why would you want that? If you tap your NFC-enabled Moto X on the Motorola Skip, it will unlock your phone. Its utility is questionable, but it is a $20 value. This deal also includes free shipping on your entire order.