NASA Video: Spectacular “Canyon of Fire” on the Sun

NASA Video: Spectacular “Canyon of Fire” on the Sun


Space. It’s an amazing place, filled with all sorts of amazing things, but we don’t need to venture beyond our own solar system to witness some incredible sights. Last month, our very own sun experienced quite the spectacular phenomenon that NASA is calling the “canyon of fire.” And they got it all on video.

To be fair, the instruments that NASA was using to observe this event operate outside of the visual spectrum, so they did some tinkering to give us the imagery in the video embedded below. Basically, it was a “coronal mass ejection” that sent a massive 200,000 mile long magnetic filament erupting from the surface of the sun.

When this filament erupted, ripping through the sun’s atmosphere, it left a crazy view of the magnetic fields that once held it in place and this is how we got the “canyon of fire” that you see below. Keep in mind that this filament is about 25 times the diameter of the Earth, so it’s pretty darn massive.

Two days worth of satellite data were combined to put together the short movie. And it really is quite the spectacle.