Official: T-Mobile Giving Out 200MB Monthly Data for Free

Official: T-Mobile Giving Out 200MB Monthly Data for Free


Apple may have been yesterday’s highlight with the new Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air, but T-Mobile could be offering the best deal of them all. If you’ve got a tablet, T-Mobile wants to give you 200MB of free data every month for however long you won the device. No strings attached, no contract. You don’t even need to be a current customer.

This is truly groundbreaking stuff and it fits into the “uncarrier” mold that T-Mobile is trying to shape for itself. The offer starts on November 1 and all you have to do is nab the compatible T-Mobile SIM for your T-Mobile HSPA/LTE compatible tablet. Some people will say that 200MB is nowhere near enough for a month’s usage, but you have to remember that this is free data. If you need more, they’ll also sell you one-time passes: $5 gets you 500MB for one day, $10 gets you 1GB for a week, and so on.

But what about the tablet itself? T-Mobile wants to help you there too. You can grab any tablet from T-Mobile for $0 down and then hop onto their monthly payment plan to pay it off. The iPad Air, for example, starts at $26.25 per month. You can also trade in your existing tablet toward the purchase of a newer one.

If you were to mate this 200MB deal with something like FreedomPop’s service, you could have a tablet with fully free wireless data pretty well all the time. Sounds good to me!