Good News, Bad News: Free Hulu Videos for Mobile, But…

Good News, Bad News: Free Hulu Videos for Mobile, But…


So, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all of you out there who enjoy watching video content on your mobile devices. The good news is that Hulu is giving mobile users access to all sorts of free video content. The bad news is that you’re not getting full episodes of anything.

Instead, what the Hulu people are offering tablet and smartphone folks is access to clips of content and then you’ll need to go back to wherever you do your Hulu-ing to actually watch the full content. The clips are free, but that’s not the only bad news.

The other half of it is that the clips won’t play in the Hulu Plus mobile app, at least for now. Instead, if you want to watch these free Hulu clips, you’ll have to head on over to your mobile browser instead. From the Hulu mobile page, you’ll find content that has been “curated” by the Hulu editorial staff. This includes clips from Colbert, Jon Stewart, The View, Family Guy, SNL and so on. And then they give you the option to upgrade to Hulu Plus.

At least the mobile site is designed to look and work much like a native app.