World Space Walk Sees Martian Space Suits Demonstrated

World Space Walk Sees Martian Space Suits Demonstrated


Have you signed up for the one-way trip to the Red Planet as part of the Mars One project? You’ll want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the situation.

Last week was World Space Week and as part of those activities, three teams tested out space suits that may one day be used by human explorers of the Red Planet. The event, dubbed World Space Walk, had its tests coordinated from Innsbruck with an additional team in Marseille monitoring the telemetry data.

With a reasonably trained human inside, the suits were then tested where the person had to navigate through several obstacle courses, set up a tripod, use a camera to take a photo, and collect different types of rock samples. This was meant to mirror what our future Martian explorers may have to do when they get there.

Of course, a lot more testing is needed. They’ll have to consider not only usability, but also durability and — above all else — life support systems. If you watched Gravity over the weekend, then you’ll understand why having ample oxygen is so important.