Leaked: Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner for iPad 5 Too

Leaked: Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner for iPad 5 Too


Apple debuted its Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S last month, so it would make sense that they’d continue to implement that technology in future devices too. And what we see here is the Touch ID indeed making its way over to the tablet side with implementation in the upcoming iPad 5.

The only “proof” or “evidence” that we have, however, is that blurry photo coming by way of a Chinese website called CtechCN.com. It’s possible that they have connections with Apple’s supply chain and they managed to sneak in a photo or it could be unrelated to the iPad 5 at all. Take your bucket of salt and look at the picture for yourself. Either way, I say it makes sense, even if the photo may not be legitimate.

We won’t have to wait for very long to confirm all this, though, as Apple should be coming forward with a formal reveal of its iPad refresh next Tuesday at a special press event. I can see this making its way into a flagship iPad 5, but it may or may not show up in the Retina iPad Mini. That would follow the same kind of differentiation as the iPhone 5S and 5C. I wonder if the Retina iPad Mini will get all colorful too.