Google Play Store to Push Apps “Designed for Tablets”

Google Play Store to Push Apps “Designed for Tablets”


You may have already noticed when Google added the “Designed for tablets” section in the Google Play Store earlier this year, but now they’re really going to give the whole tablet-centric app thing a real push heading in the holiday shopping season.

Starting on November 21, if you visit the Play Store from a tablet, your default view will show the apps that are “designed for tablets.” You can still open up the options to see the rest of the Android apps in the marketplace too, but that’s where your default view will lie. And this applies to all the sub-lists, like Top Paid, Top Free, Top New Free, Trending and so on.

To further differentiate between apps that meet Google’s requirements to receive the “Designed for tablets” designation, all apps that don’t meet those requirements will be tagged with “Designed for phones.” This should help to motivate developers to go through the process and check the tablet optimization tips. Getting listed in the tablet section will surely help increase download counts. There’s a tablet checklist to go through too.