Programming Language For Building Artificial DNA Molecules

Programming Language For Building Artificial DNA Molecules



Sometime in the future, your doctor might ask you to take artificial DNA molecules as a treatment for a disease or abnormality. You think that it’s not possible? Well, then you have to learn what the researchers at the University of Washington are developing at the moment: programming language for coding DNA.

The programming language that the researchers have come out with could allow us to create artificial DNA molecules to be embedded into human cells. If you are a chemistry student, you should familiar with a lot of chemical equations. The new programming language builds on those sorts of equations.

According to a report from Nature Nanotechnology, the language can be used for writing equations for DNA in code to be used for testing new drugs and treatments. Just like we work with computer software, DNA molecules could be programmed to control cells.

The research on the language is far from finished, but the researchers are hoping that someday it will be used for creating molecules that will end up inside a patient’s body for delivering drugs or for detecting diseases or abnormalities.

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