Blizzident Toothbrush Reportedly Cleans Teeth In Just 6 Seconds (Video)

Blizzident Toothbrush Reportedly Cleans Teeth In Just 6 Seconds (Video)



Are you too busy that you can’t even find time to brush your teeth properly? What you need is probably the Blizzident toothbrush (doesn’t actually look like a toothbrush as you can see above) which can reportedly be used to clean your teeth in just 6 seconds.

At first you have to go to your dentist to make a teeth impression, a 3D digital model of which has to be uploaded to the Blizzident website. The folks over at the company will then 3D-print a plastic negative mold of your teeth. The mold, lined with about 400 angled bristles, will be your Blizzident toothbrush.

So how do you use it? As you will see in the video below, you put the Blizzident in your mouth and just start biting up and down into it. You can also grind your teeth back and forth. They are saying that your teeth will be completely cleaned in just six seconds. As the Blizzident is a perfect fit for your teeth, the bristles can apparently reach everywhere very easily.

But what about flossing? That can also be done easily by using Blizzident.


As you can see in the above image, you will be able to thread dental floss between tooth impressions and hold a role of floss in a dispenser in front of the Blizzident. When you bite on the toothbrush, the floss will be pushed up between your teeth.

On the Blizzident, there’s also a tongue scraper/brush which will be located above the tongue when the toothbrush is in your mouth. You can run your tongue against the scraper if you want it cleaned.

According to the company, a Blizzident toothbrush can be used for a year. After that, either you can buy a new one or, if you are too attached to your old one, the company will clean and re-bristle it for you. When you buy a Blizzident for the first time, it will cost you $299. A replacement unit costs $159 and you will have to pay $89 if you are going for refurbishments.

And depending on the technique that’s employed, getting an impression made by your dentist will reportedly cost you anywhere between $75 and $200.

Certainly an interesting concept – though using this thing also looks a bit scary… What do you think?