ASUS Nexus 10 Coming Soon?

ASUS Nexus 10 Coming Soon?



We have heard that the next-gen Nexus 10 will be made by ASUS, and it appears like the tablet from the Taiwanese company might arrive sometime in the near future. That’s what is being suggested by an image, which comes to us via @evleaks, posted above.

The screenshot is apparently from a UK based retailer. Looking at the image, we believe that it’s safe to think that retailers are getting ready to stock the Nexus 10 and make it available for sale sometime in the future. But unfortunately there are no hints regarding an exact launch date and no details about the device’s specs (an impressive display, Qualcomm chip and Android 4.4 KitKat are expected).

So why is Google going for an ASUS made Nexus 10 and not making a deal with Samsung this time around? Samsung, as you should know, has good experience with Android tablets, and the South Korean giant’s Nexus 10 was pretty impressive. Maybe Google wants the new Nexus 10 to be as successful as the ASUS made Nexus 7 tablets.

We will keep you updated about upcoming Google devices, so stay tuned to Mobilemag. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about the upcoming Nexus 10 in the comments below.