Apple iPad 5: Lighter, Thinner And Narrower (Video)

Apple iPad 5: Lighter, Thinner And Narrower (Video)



Waiting for the upcoming iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2? As you might have heard, Apple is expected to unveil both their upcoming tablets on the 15th of October. So after two weeks, you might be able to take a peek at the official iPad 5 which is said to be lighter, thinner and narrower than the iPad 4.

Can’t wait any longer to see how different the iPad 5 is from its predecessor? No worries, Chinese part manufacturer has you covered, with a brand new video that gives you a closer look.

According to the video, the iPad 5’s length is 239.2mm, so it is 2mm shorter than the iPad 4. When it comes to the width, there is a 16.2mm difference between the two iPads. The iPad 5 measures in at 169.5mm, while the iPad 4 measures 185.7mm wide. The thickness of the iPad 4 is 9.4mm, while the iPad 5 is just 7.2mm thick. The upcoming iPad will also be 37% lighter than its predecessor.

All of these changes suggest that the new iPad will be more comfortable in the hands.

Similar to the iPad Mini, the iPad 5’s volume rocker has two parts and not just one. The iPad 5’s stereo speakers are also coming with a new design.

Check out the video to get a better look:

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