iOS 7 is Apparently Making Some Folks Motion Sick

iOS 7 is Apparently Making Some Folks Motion Sick



Does Apple’s new interface make you absolutely sick – literally? You may not be alone. Apparently the new parallax wallpapers and other visual tricks in OS 7 are making some folks “sea sick”.

It’s worth mentioning this isn’t a common problem, but if you are one of the few folks that are feeling sick to the stomach after using iOS 7 – there’s no easy way to fix the problem. While you can change the wallpaper, other visual affects can’t be turned off.

That said, we imagine that Apple will end up introducing some kind of changes in the Accessibility settings to help those that get motion sickness from the new iOS 7 changes. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to upgrade to iOS 7 but are known for having motion sickness trouble, you might want to wait off on downloading this one.

It’s too bad too, as iOS 7 is an impressive upgrade with quite a few excellent new features.

For those that already have iOS 7, are you having any motion sickness issues? Let us know in the comments below!