Samsung Smartphone With Curved Display Coming In October (Video)

Samsung Smartphone With Curved Display Coming In October (Video)



Today’s smartphones are certainly impressive, but what we are so excited about at the moment will feel like nothing when compared to what’s going to be in our hands sometime in the future. Apart from being more powerful, mobile phones and tablets of the future should be a whole lot different in design, equipped with curved displays screens, which are bendable and foldable. Samsung’s upcoming smartphone could just be the beginning.

According to D.J. Lee, Samsung’s mobile business head of strategic marketing, who was talking at the launch event of the Note 3 in Seoul, “We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October“.

No other details were provided about the upcoming smartphone. We don’t have an exact release date, and no hints about which OS the phone will run. No clues about the pricing as well, though we are expecting the device to cost more than the high end smartphones available out there now. Just to let you know, curved OLED TVs are available from Samsung and LG with a price tag of about $9,000.

Back in January, Samsung allowed us to take a peek at prototype products equipped with a flexible display. The device in the image came with a flexible OLED display which extended to the side of the phone (curved area showed notifications).

What are your thoughts about a smartphone with a curved display? Is this the beginning of something bigger?