Nokia Lumia 1520 To Be Unveiled In October

Nokia Lumia 1520 To Be Unveiled In October



The Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone phablet, the company’s reply to the Galaxy Note 3, was expected to be unveiled later this month. But the latest info suggests that the device will only arrive in the coming month.

According to “sources familiar with Nokia’s plans”, the 1520 will only be unveiled sometime in mid-October and the launch event might not happen in New York City as expected earlier. The change of plans might be due to the Microsoft deal. Reuters also reported about the delay earlier.

The 6-inch Lumia 1520 is said to be coming with a 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 32GB storage (with microSD support), Rich Audio Recording via four microphones and a 20MP PureView shooter. The device, which will be available in black, white, red, and yellow, is expected to launch on AT&T’s network in November.

And also expected to be launching on AT&T is the 10.1-inch Nokia “Sirius” Windows 8.1 RT tablet which will have a price tag of around $499. Not interested? Maybe you will be more swayed by upcoming Microsoft tablets instead.

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