Are Consumers Actually Interested in the iPhone 5C?

Are Consumers Actually Interested in the iPhone 5C?



Apple, as you might know, is a company that has in the past found pleasure in boasting about the pre-order numbers of their previous iPhones. The company told us that their iPhone 4 was pre-ordered 600,000 times within a day. In just 24 hours, their iPhone 4S pre-orders surpassed one million, and the numbers were doubled with the iPhone 5. But surprisingly they have not revealed how things are going with the iPhone 5C pre-orders.

According to AllThingsD’s John Paczowski, Apple’s silence and China Telecom’s cutting of subsidies are the reasons behind the falling of Apple shares.

Without Apple providing pre-order numbers, there seems to be no way to know about the consumer interest for the iPhone 5C. Looking at the pre-order page for the plastic device, we can see that all the models still have a delivery date of 9/20. In the past, we have seen delivery dates being pushed back in a day or two. So maybe people haven’t ordered too many iPhone 5Cs.

But it’s also probable that Apple might be prepared to deliver all the pre-ordered iPhone 5Cs on September 20th no matter how big the numbers are. The iPhone 5C is basically an iPhone 5 coming in a colored plastic case, so Apple may not have any problems with the components and supply.

Meanwhile, there might be supply issues with the iPhone 5S due to the device’s A7 chip and the fingerprint sensor. The device is not available for pre-order; you will be able to get the device at Apple retail stores or online from Friday onwards.

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