Google Nexus 7 LTE Sold Out?

Google Nexus 7 LTE Sold Out?



We earlier let you know when the LTE version of the Google Nexus 7 hit the Google Play Store, but now it appears like the device is no longer available at the Play Store. As you can see above, the device’s product page is showing the message: “This device is not for sale at this time”.

The 32GB Nexus 7 LTE was available unlocked having a 4G T-Mobile SIM and the slate came with a price tag of $349. The non-LTE 16GB and 32GB versions of the tablet, which cost $229 and $269 respectively, are still available on sale.

Google hasn’t given out any info regarding why the LTE tablet is not available on sale at the moment. But we are hearing that some customers are seeing the message “Out of Inventory” rather than what we are seeing. So the device could simply be sold out already and will be available again sometime in the future, hopefully soon.

Of course since customers are seeing different notices, Google could be playing around with and/or updating their website. Or maybe the device is not on sale for some other reason which we don’t know about yet. We will keep you updated on the matter, so stay tuned.