Is Apple Working on a Solar iPhone or iPad?

Is Apple Working on a Solar iPhone or iPad?


As powerful as our smartphones and tablets are becoming these days, they’re also becoming a little bit too powerful, draining away at those small batteries and barely allowing us to get through a single work day without reaching for a power outlet. There are backup batteries and other things, but wouldn’t it be nice if our phones and tablets could just last longer?

Apple certainly thinks so, if a recent job posting on their website is any indication. They’re seeking a “thin films” engineer who has experience handling solar power. They want this solar expert to join the Apple Mobile Devices group, tasking them to “assist in the development and refinement of thin films technologies applicable to electronics systems.”

We are taking a leap of faith, of course, but this really starts to sound like they are working on a solar-powered update for the iPhone, iPad or both. Depending on how the design and engineering goes, it could mean that a solar panel could be outfitted into the back of the device or, perhaps better yet, they could figure out a way to seamlessly integrate it into the display. This way, you can’t even see that it’s solar powered. Then again, perhaps a solar iWatch makes more sense.

Solar tech is already being used for Apple’s data centers, so why not extend that sense of being green and efficient to all of their mobile devices too?