Google’s Upcoming Chromebooks Are Powerful And Will Last Longer

Google’s Upcoming Chromebooks Are Powerful And Will Last Longer



Confused about whether you should buy a Chromebook or not? Google’s latest announcement might help you to make up your mind. The search giant has revealed that their upcoming Chromebooks will be powered by Intel’s new 4th generation CPUs. This means that the machines will be coming with strong computing power and better battery life.

According to Google, the Chromebooks will offer twice the battery life compared to previous models. The devices are coming from companies like Acer and HP, who are not new to Chromebooks, and from new players like ASUS and Toshiba. Of course, the Chrome OS is no Windows or OSX, but the Chromebooks are now a lot more appealing with the upgrade and with the release of the Chrome apps.

HP has announced that they are expecting their Chromebook 14 to ship with a price tag of $299 before the holidays. That’s also when Acer’s new Chromebook will be launching. We will keep you updated about the upcoming machines as we get more info from all the different manufacturers, so stay tuned to Mobilemag.

Are you interested in a cheap Chromebook with more power and improved battery life? Or do you feel that a Windows or Mac computer is still the better solution? Share your thoughts below!