Norton 360 2013 3 PC Edition for Free (with mail-in rebate), Even...

Norton 360 2013 3 PC Edition for Free (with mail-in rebate), Even Includes Free 8GB Flash Drive



When it comes to today’s mobile devices, virus protection is important, doubly so if you are rocking a Windows laptop, desktop or even a Windows-powered tablet. When it comes to staying protected, one of the best paid solutions out there is Symantec Norton 360.This excellent security suite has anti-spam blocking capabilities, keeps out malware, has a firewall, phishing protection and evne a powerful online and local backup system. Beyond security, the 360 suite even tunes up your system’s performance keeping it running in tip-top shape.

Of course some folks don’t like the idea of paying for anti-virus software. There are certainly some decent free alternatives out there, but if you have your heart set on Symantec Norton 360, you can actually get it for free – well sort of.

Right now you can get get a 3 PC license of Norton 360 for free, after a $55 rebate. Even better, the folks at NewEgg are throwing in a free 8GB USB flash drive. This is an incredible deal.

Norton 360 (3 PC) is normally $89.99, so the $55 is already a price cut. But to also get a flash drive and a $55 rebate? You simply can’t beat the value here, folks!