LAB C iPhone 5 Case with Built-In Lightning Cable

LAB C iPhone 5 Case with Built-In Lightning Cable


We’ve reached something of a double-edged sword when it comes to our mobile devices. On the one hand, they’re as powerful as ever. On the other, that power means that we are constantly running out of power, struggling to make it through a standard work day without reaching for a power outlet. And it can be a pain lugging around an extra battery or cable.

Offering an elegantly convenient solution is LAB C from South Korea. They’ve got an iPhone 5 case that comes with a Lightning cable built right into it. While it would have been ideal if you could simply swing out the charging connector and plug it into an available USB port, the solution here isn’t quite as unified. The cable, which looks like it measures about two to three inches, fits into a slot in the back of the case and then you pop it out when you need a charge. I guess this is one way that you won’t misplace your Lightning cable in your pocket or bag.

Looking at the picture, though, the slot is relatively deep and it looks to add a not-insignificant thickness to the iPhone. I guess it serves the added purpose of being a protective case, but if I were to get something like this, I may be more inclined to get a battery case instead. That way, I can carry around a little extra juice instead of reaching for a USB port. It’d be even better if the battery case had a swing-out USB Lightning cable of some kind.

If this LAB C iPhone 5 case is something that tickles your fancy, then be prepared to shell out about $20 to $30 for it.