Sony’s New Wireless Speaker And Headphones

Sony’s New Wireless Speaker And Headphones



Drooling over the newly unveiled Xperia Z1 smartphone? Maybe you will also be interested in checking out some other newly announced Sony products. We are talking about a new Bluetooth wireless speaker and new headphone models from the company. The nice looking SRS-BTS50 speaker, which is “splash-proof” and coming in five colors, features One-Touch listening. It can easily be paired with NFC-capable devices. The speaker is available with a price tag of $130.

The company has also introduced three models of MDR-10 headphones: a standard version, one with noise-canceling and a Bluetooth headset. Both the basic version and the noise-canceling model will be available in October for $200 and $270 respectively. The NFC-ready Bluetooth model will only be available a month later for $250.

If you are interested in knowing more about the above products, you can click on the links added here (SRS-BTS50, MDR-10RNC, MDR-10RBT and MDR-10R). And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. Which accessory are you interested in?