Nymi Will Replace Your Passwords And Keys (Video)

Nymi Will Replace Your Passwords And Keys (Video)



What you see above is the Nymi “wearable authentication device” from Bionym. Nymi has been designed to allow you access into your smartphone or tablet or computer without typing in any password, but the company thinks that the bracelet can be utilized to do much more.

All you have to do is attach Nymi onto your wrist and press on the sensor on its top with your finger. You will know that the bracelet is active via LEDs and a vibration motor, which can also be utilized to get notifications from your handset. Nymi is coming with support for Bluetooth 4.0.

The bracelet recognizes its owner by reading his or her heartbeat like an electrocardiograph. So Nymi won’t turn on unless it senses your unique heartbeat. After you are authenticated, you are good to go. The bracelet automatically unlocks your devices when they are close to your wrist. It’s coming with proximity sensors, so will only unlock a device when you are near it.

The bracelet will, at first, support Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. But in the future, smart appliances from companies like Samsung and products from manufacturers like Tesla Motors might arrive with Nymi support. As the bracelet features gesture-recognition, you could open your car with a hand motion or use gestures to control a smart appliance (yes, you will be living your Yoda dreams). But Bionym will have to convince the manufacturers for all that to happen.

Nymi is currently available for pre-order for $79. Later on, the device will be having a price tag of $99.

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