Nintendo 2DS Hands-On: A Better Look at the Device

Nintendo 2DS Hands-On: A Better Look at the Device



Last week we somewhat were confused when we first reported on the Nintendo 2DS. The idea of a 3DS with no clamshell hinge and no 3D sounded pretty awful – and it didn’t exactly look too great either.

But how does the device really handle? According to Polygon, the 2DS feels unnatural compared to the DS and 3DS series. The reviewer also comments on the bulkiness of this thing, and how it isn’t exactly portable in the same way as other members of the DS family.

When it comes to actual use, however, the 2DS isn’t as bad as it seems at first glance. Your hands apparently adjust to the odd design and while its button layout feels cheaper, it’s still quite usable and the games largely look identical – sans 3D support. Check out the hands-on from Polygon to get a better idea of how the 2DS really works and feels:

What do you think of the 2DS, willing to make a few concessions to get the device at the more budget friendly price of $129.99?