Aio Wireless Launching Its Service Throughout US In September

Aio Wireless Launching Its Service Throughout US In September



Aio Wireless, AT&T’s prepaid subsidiary, has announced that they will be launching their service throughout the US. Currently serving people only in select markets in Tampa, Houston, and Orlando, the no contract wireless provider will be expanding to other markets starting next month.

Launched back in May, Aio Wireless announced their 4G LTE service a month later. Aio offers three plans including a voice-only Aio Basic plan which is meant for feature phones only. Aio Smart and Aio Pro plans provide talk, messaging, and data. The two plans differ in the amount of data.

Starting next month, Aio Wireless will be available in other markets in the US. And those who sign up and activate their service by the 29th of September will get the third month of service for free. But customers going for the offer will have to set up auto-pay and will be required to pay for all the additional features. “Customers remain responsible for feature payments during the third month of service”.

The new announcement has arrived right after a T-Mobile trademark lawsuit against Aio Wireless. T-Mobile seems to be very unhappy that Aio is using the purple or magenta color in its branding.