iRobot Braava Mops Your Floor All By Itself

iRobot Braava Mops Your Floor All By Itself



Looking to leave traditional mopping behind you for good? If so, the iRobot Braava could be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of all these years.

Sold in two models – the basic 320 and premium 380t – the Braava can dry or wet mop your floor, and all you have to do is push a simple button to get it started, that’s it on your part. When the device is done, it returns to its charging station, simple as that. Even better, the device uses reusable cleaning clothes, which simply need to be washed.

There will likely come a time when almost all our appliances are automatic, just like in the Jetsons. So how much does this self-mopping robot cost you? Just $199. What do you think, is this worth the money, or would you rather stick to mopping the good ole’ fashioned way?