Samsung Galaxy S4 Or S3 Converted Into Tablet And Laptop By Using...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Or S3 Converted Into Tablet And Laptop By Using TransMaker



If a Galaxy S4 or S3 is in your pocket, but you are thinking about getting a big screened tablet or are in need of a laptop, maybe what you need is the TransMaker from Migoal. It’s a new accessory which turns the Samsung handsets into an Android tablet and laptop.

Of course, the Motorola Atrix Lapdock and the Asus Padfone might have crossed your mind now. Both of these things are similar to the TransMaker – but the TransMaker can be both a laptop and tablet, and it’s based around two of the most popular Android devices out there.

As you can see above, you have to place your S4 or S3 face down in the docking slot and you will have a tablet display to play around with without the need for reinstalling apps or re-entering any account info or having another wireless plan (the phone’s data connection is enough). The tablet does nothing but display images.

You can choose either a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 resolution tablet or an 11.6-incher with a full 1080p screen. The tablets come equipped with a 5000mAh battery, and the keyboard has a 6000mAh one. And it is expected that the phone’s battery will provide a few extra hours of usage.

There are no hints regarding a shipping date or a price tag. You can provide Migoal with your name, email, and country and the company will give those details to a reseller when the TransMaker is made available in your region. So, are you interested in the TransMaker?