Linda the Robot, Not Just a Giant Chess Piece: Could Help with...

Linda the Robot, Not Just a Giant Chess Piece: Could Help with Security and Nursing Home Assistance



The future is here, and it’s filled with robots! Here at MM we are always covering the latest about government robots, noodle making robots and anything in between. Now comes Linda, a robot that could take security and elderly care to a new level.Wait… Security and elderly care? An interesting combination of uses, right? The $38k+ robot is designed to patrol areas effectively, sweeping rooms, checking for unusual activity and so forth.

Linda could also be an important help when it comes to alerting nurses and caregivers when an elderly patient falls or even for escorting them to appointments or simply acting a messenger between nurses and patients.

This giant chess piece — err, robot – might not have any arms and legs but it does have eyes (robotic ones of course…). But why can’t nurses and traditional security guards do the job that Linda is designed for?

First, because robots are just that cool and we gotta have em’. Second, because nurses are busy folks and have tons of things to do, so this could help them more effectively do their job. As for security guards, well, as robot pricing drops, Linda could prove cheaper for businesses to utilize (sorry, security guards!).

You might be wondering though, how does Linda know the difference between a fallen patient and just some large random object on the floor? A £7m (nearly $11m) EU-funded project is being conducted by six universities in Britain and abroad to tackle this problem.

The STRANDS project (Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-term Scenarios) hopes to program robots to learn about their environment, and to learn to recognize situations where they need to react or report on the problem. This means that robots like Linda may soon be able to better analyze such situations and even learn the environment that it is in, without any additional input or programming.

Certainly a cool project, to learn more check out the Telegraph’s wonderfully detailed piece! What do you think, would you be willing to entrust a robot to handle security or look out for accidents at a nursing home?