LG and Samsung Adding Kill Switch Technology to Future Devices?

LG and Samsung Adding Kill Switch Technology to Future Devices?



Today’s smartphones are quite marvelous, aren’t they? Blazing fast processors, tons of great apps, beautiful hardware – what’s not to like? Unfortunately, as smartphones continue to gain in popularity we are also seeing a steady rise in smartphone theft.

In order to better combat the situation, South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning recently reported they were in talks with LG and Samsung to bring kill switches to their devices starting early next year. Simply put, a “kill switch” would allow Samsung, LG or any partnering carrier to completely disable a phone in the event it is reported stolen. Unlike other forms of device theft security, this would be locked in and unremovable by the thief.

Don’t like the idea of a carrier or manufacturer having the power to kill your device at any time? No worries, you actually have to opt-in to the functionality for it to work – giving you the power to choose whether or not to allow them the ability.

Should other countries implement this tech?

Right now South Korea seems to be the primary country spearheading the whole “kill switch” thing. That said, there has been a call by US prosecutors for manufacturers to deliver similar functionality stateside.What do you think, do you like the idea of a permanent kill switch or not? Share your thoughts below.