Daily Deals: Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery Pack for 20% Off

Daily Deals: Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery Pack for 20% Off


It’s becoming all too common of a problem. We go out for the day with our smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and whatever else, only to find that they all run out of juice way before we’re able to go back home for the overnight charge. External batteries are great, but the Exovolt stackable battery pack can be even better.

This is not only an external battery pack for your smartphones and tablets, but this is a stackable battery pack for theoretically unlimited expandable capacity. Need to charge four iPads in succession on that extended camping trip? No problem. And don’t think that each battery pack only holds a little bit of juice, because each layer contains 5200mAh of power. That’s more than enough to charge most smartphones two times over. The rapid charge feature allows you to top quickly and move on to the next device too.

It was made for iPod, iPad and iPhone, but it shouldn’t have any trouble hooking up to your Windows Phone or Android device either. It’s pretty universal. Just remember that when you keep stacking those batteries on top of one another that the “sub” batteries still need the “main” battery in order to operate properly. The output is a full 2A max, so it should work with most tablets out on the market today. You might need way too many of these to charge your Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt though.

Regularly retailing for $89.99, the Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery Pack is on sale for $71.99 on ThinkGeek. That’s for the main battery pack; additional “sub” batteries are sold separately.