Targus 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen for iPads and Tablets

Targus 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen for iPads and Tablets


You don’t need to get a Galaxy Note just because you want to use a tablet with a stylus-like device. Sure, you won’t be able to engage in some of those Note-specific features on other devices, but having a good stylus is great for all sorts of different purposes. And one of the better options for a tablet stylus is this one from Targus, which also happens to function as a pen for when you’re writing on an actual piece of paper.

The Targus 2-in-1 stylus and pen features an elegant black and silver design that is perfectly suitable for all the businesspeople in the audience. As a stylus, it should work just fine with the iPad and iPhone, as well as a variety of Android tablets and other touchscreen-enabled devices. I imagine it would also be useful for all of those touch-enabled Windows 8 products too. The durable rubber tip is accurate and won’t scratch the surface of your display.

You can find the 2-in-1 stylus and pen from Targus on sale on MacMall for $23.99. If you don’t need the pen part of it, a pink Targus Stylus is $14.99.