Smartphone Processor Coated With Wax

Smartphone Processor Coated With Wax



Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful as time goes by. But the higher the processing power, the greater is the need for a better cooling solution or else you end up with a toasted handset. Today we do have advanced cooling methods which involve liquids, but researchers from the University of Michigan are studying about a new way to cool down smartphone processors.

The team is suggesting using wax for cooling processors as the material absorbs heat quickly. And apparently a technique called “computational sprinting” is also possible if a processor chip is coated with wax.

The “sprint” will provide a short burst of extra processing power, and there won’t be any overheating issues as the wax will absorb the added heat as it melts. The only problem is that liquid wax won’t absorb heat anymore and therefore you will have to wait for it to become solid again before trying for another “sprint”.

So is wax going to be stuffed into your future iPhone or Android handset? It’s too early to answer that, though the researchers believe that their idea could be utilized for enabling faster chips in the future. We may be able to see devices with wax cooling in 5 to 10 years.