Daily Deals: Pyle Sound Flow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for $94 Off

Daily Deals: Pyle Sound Flow Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for $94 Off


We’ve seen a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, but most of them are as fragile as your smartphone. They can’t really withstand harsh conditions, with the exception of something like this offering from Pyle. Better still, this rugged and waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker is on sale for $94 off.

It’s called the Sound Flow PWPBT60 and it’s a wireless speaker system that will work with just about all stereo Bluetooth enabled devices. This means that it’ll pair up with your iPhone, Android or other smartphone, as well as tablets, computers and whatever else. The speaker has a rugged, weather resistant rubber and metal design, so it’ll hold up on construction sites, while camping or even somewhere as simple as the garage.

I imagine something like this would be a great fit for those of who work with Toughbooks or maybe those of you who recently picked up the waterproof Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The Pyle Sound Flow has a 1400mA lithium-battery, easy push button controls, a metal hook for easy attachment, and dedicated stereo speakers for lows and high/mids on both sides. And yes, it’s waterproof and shock resistant.

The regular retail price is $146.99, but it’s on sale on Amazon for $52.99 including free shipping. Choose from the black version, as shown for $52.99, or you can get blue, green, orange or white for a few bucks more.