Aims To Connect Everyone Around The World (Video) Aims To Connect Everyone Around The World (Video)



Two-thirds of our world currently lacks an easy way to get internet access, but that is soon going to change as a number of big technology companies, including Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung, have come together to create which aims to make internet available to everyone around the world via a number of initiatives.

The formation of has been announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The initiative will focus on:

Affordability: They will work towards cheaper means of access, including smartphones.

Data efficiency: Utilizing compression and other techniques for ensuring less bandwidth usage by services.

Access: The group will develop business models which will allow companies to provide cheaper but plentiful internet access.

For those of you who think that this is all business, Zuckerberg says “The unfair economic reality is that those already on Facebook have way more money than the rest of the world combined, so it may not actually be profitable for us to serve the next few billion people for a very long time, if ever. But we believe everyone deserves to be connected“. He sees the inability to connect as an issue of human rights.

But you are not crazy if you think that this is business. For the companies, expansion to other parts of the world is certainly important.

What are your thoughts about Do you think that this will be a success?