Olloclip Lens System Lets You Do More with Your iPhone Camera

Olloclip Lens System Lets You Do More with Your iPhone Camera


Many people will agree that the camera on the Apple iPhone is among the best when it comes to smartphones, giving you the option of completely replacing your point-and-shoot. Even so, it can be a little limited in scope and that’s why you might consider the Olloclip iPhone camera lens system.

The Olloclip lens system is a quick-connect system where you can achieve different effects with your iPhone camera by attaching external lenses. Included in the package are the fisheye attachment, the wide-angle lens and the macro lens. Also included are the lens caps for both ends, a microfiber lens cleaning storage bag, and an iPod touch adapter.

Each attachement slides in easily onto the corner of your iPhone and it’s designed to align automatically with the camera itself. And don’t worry, the autofocus function will work just fine. And yes, you can use it for both still photos and for video, just as you would normally with the iPhone camera.

The Olloclip lens system can be had on ThinkGeek for $69.99. Choose between the versions for the iPhone 4/4S and the version for the iPhone 5 for the same price.