Introducing the Hot Watch Smartwatch (Video)

Introducing the Hot Watch Smartwatch (Video)



We are expecting smartwatches from Samsung, Apple and others to arrive sometime in the future. But here is a smartwatch which appears to be coming jam packed with features. It’s the Hot Watch, a kickstarter project which has already met its funding goal of $150,000 with over two weeks to go.

As you might have understood from the video, the Hot Watch connects via Bluetooth with Android and iOS devices to allow you to send and receive messages, and make and take calls without touching your handset.

“HOT Watch comes bundled with Call Features (Private call, speakerphone, contact download and caller ID), Messaging Features (text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Text Reply), Smart Phone Apps (weather, stocks, calendar, news, music control, phone finder), Watch Apps (Pedometer, note capture, fall detection, calculator), Time Features (alarm, timer, stopwatch, multi city time) and SDK for custom apps”.

hotwatch-callingEngadget’s Dana Wollman got a chance to play with a pre-production unit of the device, and it seems to have impressed her. But it had a few problems here and there and that’s not a surprise. The final product of course should arrive without any issues.

The Hot Watch is apparently very thin and light, and its 1.26-inch e-paper display allows you to read easily when you are outdoors. The display is responsive. On the display, you can draw letters for getting to different screens. For example, you draw ‘A’ for the apps screen and ‘D’ for dialing. You will be able to go back by swiping down diagonally from upper left corner to the lower right. But the company may have to work on the “A for apps” gesture more, as it apparently wasn’t working perfectly.

There is a mic and a bi-directional speaker on a module around back. As you can see in the image alongside, you will have to hold your hand close to your ear, as if you are holding a phone, to hear the person calling you. And it appears like the calling feature works quite fine, with the sound quality being “surprisingly clear”. But it seems that things would have been better if the watch had a buckle, it just had a velcro strap.

Head here for the full hands on experience of the Hot Watch.

If you are interested in the device, you can pledge $109 here for booking the basic black version of the smartwatch.

So, are you going for the device?