Verizon HTC One Arriving Tommorow, Better Late Than Never?

Verizon HTC One Arriving Tommorow, Better Late Than Never?



Back in June we talked a bit about the HTC One finally coming over to Verizon’s network. Recently Verizon finally let the wraps off on the device’s release date, the 22nd of August – yep, tomorrow.

After all this time, is the HTC One still worth the wait? For HTC fans or those love the polished, premium look of the One, sure it could be. For everyone else though, there’s a lot of great devices heading to Verizon that are much newer than the HTC One (which is really a 4-month old handset).

Some of these devices include the new Motorola Droid series, the upcoming Moto X, the upcoming LG G2 and likely it won’t be too much longer before the Galaxy Note 3 also touches down to big red.

Still, if you have your heart set on the HTC One, you’ll find that it’s specs are more than good enough and are still on par with even some of the newer handsets coming to Verizon. For those that need a reminder, the HTC One features a 4.7-inch 1080p display, a quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM, 32 storage, a 4 UltraPixel camera, a front cam and the power of Android Jelly Bean with Sense 5.

Personally I love the HTC One and wish it would have made it’s way to Verizon sooner, instead of so close to the possible release of the HTC One Max. So how about it, are you still planning on picking up the HTC One, or have you turned your sights towards a different device?