Moto X Custom Engravings Option Pulled

Moto X Custom Engravings Option Pulled



We know that many of you out there might have marked August 23rd on your calendar, the day when you can play with MotoMaker to get a customized AT&T Moto X. But if you have imagined a special engraving on the back of your handset, you are going to be disappointed with a little info we are bringing to you now. The engraving option and signatures have been cancelled.

Reports are flying around on the internet suggesting that Motorola has pulled the custom engraving “beta” option. And why they have done this? It’s because of quality issues. Motorola will apparently launch the option again sometime in the future (hopefully soon) but only after high quality engravings can be added, as the company wants only perfect Moto X handsets to reach the hands of customers.

So AT&T customers won’t be able to find the custom engraving option on launch day, but you guys will still be able to select the device’s color, accents, wallpaper, and much more.

Will you wait for the engraving option to launch again before you start customizing your Moto X? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to check out Guy Kawasaki’s personalized Moto X.