Motorola Skip NFC Accessory Will Make Logging in Easier For You –...

Motorola Skip NFC Accessory Will Make Logging in Easier For You – And Potential Thieves



We saw how the R2B2 Robot can get access into an Android phone just by using brute force. The robot could be very useful for thieves. But mobile snatchers reading this story should be happy to know about Motorola’s new Skip accessory for the Moto X. Things could be a whole lot easier for you guys provided you get the Moto X and the “Skip” accessory while bumping into the device’s owner.

The new accessory is an NFC-based tag which can be paired up with the Moto X. After paring, you just have to do one tap to get access to Moto X’s homescreen. Yes, there’s no need for typing in the passcode. Sorry R2B2, we don’t need your button bashing here. So the Skip will be useful for those who forget their passcode and who are too busy to type them in.

Alright, so we are being a bit facetious in terms of the whole theft thing, but we do have to admit that while the Motorola Skip sounds cool, it also sounds like a potential security risk.

There haven’t been any hints regarding a release date for the Skip, but the device will be available with a price tag of $20. And we know many of you are waiting anxiously for the Moto X smartphone to arrive. We have heard that the device will launch on Verizon on August 29th, while there are rumors suggesting August 23rd as the date when the device will be launched on all major US carriers.

For those planning on picking up the Moto X, will you get the Motorola Skip or are you going to skip buying this accessory (pun intended)?