Daily Deals: Castiv Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Mount

Daily Deals: Castiv Guitar Sidekick Smartphone Mount



Musicians know that there are tons of useful apps that can be used in tandem with their musical instruments, but it’s always a challenge referring to these smartphone apps when you’re actively trying to play said instruments. Coming to the rescue is the Castiv Guitar Sidekick.

It’s a pretty simple idea, really. What you get here is a “universal smartphone support system” that clips on to the end of your guitar. It’ll work for both lefties and righties, but now you’ll be able to quickly glance down at your smartphone display while your strumming away on those strings and playing all of your favorite hits. You can switch between portrait and landscape, and the Castiv Guitar Sidekick is compatible with acoustic, electric and classical guitars.


Whether you’re referring to video lessons, reading off the lyrics teleprompter, using an audio recorder, or simply glancing at the metronome, this is a handy hands-free way to keep that smartphone display well within access. Like I said, it’s a simple idea, but it’s a pretty effective one. They say it won’t tweak your strings either, thank goodness.

The regular price for the Castiv Guitar Sidekick is $29.99, but it’s now on sale for $19.99 ($10 off) on Amazon. Toss in another five bucks worth of stuff and you’ll qualify for the usual super saver shipping too.