CheapCast: Convert An Android Device Into A Chromecast Receiver (Video)

CheapCast: Convert An Android Device Into A Chromecast Receiver (Video)



Google’s $35 Chromecast is certainly good entertainment for a small price, but the only problem is the availability of the device. iIf you can’t wait for the product anymore, maybe what you need is the CheapCast application from Sebastian Mauer.

CheapCast will bring Chromecast functionality to almost any Android device. If you have an Ouya or HDMI sticks like Favi, or any other Android device, this app will be very useful for you.


So if you have a tablet which can connect to your TV and a smartphone with a YouTube app, you will be able to view videos on your TV all thanks to CheapCast.

As you can see in the video below, CheapCast certainly works though we are also hearing about bugs and weird problems, which are of course expected as it is in the experimental stages. And it reportedly doesn’t support  the Chromecast Chrome extension, so no streaming of browser tabs.

CheapCast reportedly even puts new life into Google Nexus Q, as you can see in a video here. The app’s first public beta is available for free on the Play Store. Mauer will be improving the app and making its code open source for others to start working on the project.