How Astronauts Will 3D Print In Space (Video)

How Astronauts Will 3D Print In Space (Video)



We have heard before about NASA’s plans for a 3D printer for space, and now they want us to see why and how astronauts will be 3D printing in space.

So why does NASA plan to launch a 3D printer into space? Astronauts aboard the ISS of course can only use the things that are available on the station. But when much needed parts break or get lost (yes, astronauts apparently lose things up there), sometimes they will have to wait for parts to be send from Earth. And launching multiple spares is not done as they add to the weight.

So, if there’s a 3D printer out there Astronauts will be able to 3D print equipment and spare parts when needed. The digital blueprints will be provided by NASA or they can simply upload a file from down here. They have already done tests on the 3D printer to see whether or not it is suitable for zero-G, and everything seems to be working fine at the moment.

As we told you earlier, NASA also has plans for 3D printing food in space.

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