Holho: Change Your Smartphone Or Tablet Into A 3D projector (Video)

Holho: Change Your Smartphone Or Tablet Into A 3D projector (Video)



If you thought that you can do so many things with your smartphone or tablet that there couldn’t possibly be anything new, take a look at Holho from Houston-based Imagination Farm USA LLC. Holho “hologram generator”, which is a Kickstarter project, utilizes mirrors to create the effect of a moving 3D image of something which is being displayed on a smartphone or tablet.

One of the Holho products is the Holho Full Pyramid which is seen in the above image. An app produces four images, which have full motion, on your smartphone or tablet and these images will be reflected by the four-angled mirror to create a floating 3D image. So you will able to see jellyfish swimming or fireworks bursting, and you can see those from any angle. There are already many videos but you will be able to create your own images and videos using the app.

Designed for 10-inch tablets, the Naked creates the 3D effect by utilizing a fold-up mirror. The Naked can also be used as a tablet case.


The Holho Zed accommodates a tablet into the top of a perspex stand. An image from the device will be seen floating on the angled transparent screen. One version of the Holho Zed (seen in the image below) features a transparent photo frame and there’s white LED to light up the image, and a 3D-effect picture frame is also created.


Then there is the Holho Three-Face Pyramid which will be very useful for product displays.


At the time of writing this story, Holho’s makers have managed to raise more than $15,000 out of $58,000 which is required for the products to enter production. They have 43 days to go. If you pledge $28 now, a Full Pyramid will be yours provided they meet their funding goal.

Pretty cool idea. What do you think?