Amazon Android Gaming Console Might Arrive Soon

Amazon Android Gaming Console Might Arrive Soon



We know how popular the Ouya is and therefore it won’t be a surprise when we hear that more companies are interested in bringing out their own Android based gaming console. We earlier told you that Google could be working on one, and now it appears that Amazon might have something up it’s sleeves as well.

Amazon is reportedly working on an Android console that they plan to release by Black Friday, which means that an announcement may not be too far away. The console would come with its own dedicated controller and gamers will be able to buy game titles already available via the Amazon Store.

Although you should take this new rumor with a pinch of salt, it won’t be crazy to think that the retailer giant is interested in an Android console that utilizes its store. As you know, they released Android tablets and are expected to introduce their next generation Kindle Fire HD tablet sometime in the near future. And Amazon certainly won’t have any problems with capital and they also already have connections with developers who were behind some big titles on Android.

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