Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Unlikely To Enter Production

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Unlikely To Enter Production



When Canonical’s Ubuntu Edge ‘super-phone’ had a flying start two weeks ago raising around $3,250,000 within a day after the project was launched on indiegogo, people thought that the 30 day limit to achieve their funding goal of $32,000,000 was more than enough. Fast-forwarding, it now it seems unlikely that the campaign will be a success.

In the first week since the project was started, they managed to raise more than $7 million, but a week later they are standing at around $8,500,000, with just two weeks left to raise more than $23 million.

It will certainly be very difficult to achieve their goal, though it won’t be a miracle if they did as we have seen many projects (though not as big as the Edge) becoming successful with last-minute pushes. We have heard that Bloomberg LP earlier pledged $80,000 into the campaign. Maybe in the coming days we might see others also going for the “Enterprise 100 Bundle”.

For the first 5,000 backers, the handset was available to be booked for $600. Then they also introduced more price options ($625, $650, and $675). At the moment, the lowest price for the device is $780.


So, are you going to back the Ubuntu Edge campaign, or do you feel they are just asking too much for the hardware?