Remotte: An Accessory For Google Glass (Video)

Remotte: An Accessory For Google Glass (Video)



Since Google Glass’ popularity has been on the rise, it certainly won’t be a surprise when companies come out with products to go with the search giant’s wearable tech. One such accessory is Remotte, which will be a Bluetooth joystick for the Glass.

As you might know, the Google Glass explorer version earlier got an update which brought more voice functions to it. Although Google is planning as much of hands free experience as possible, at the moment Glass owners have to go for the touch panel most of the time.

Remotte will allow you to control Google Glass without going for the touch panel on its side. But why have something in your hands when you can just control the device by raising your hands? Well, there might be situations when it won’t be appropriate to take your hands to your face frequently such as when you are in a crowded place. And Remotte will also add new sensors such as a temperature sensor, barometer, and a separate accelerometer and gyroscope.

For now, Remotte’s makers are working to improve their new product and are inviting developers. We will likely hear more about Remotte in the coming months. But we won’t probably find much use for it if Google manages to make Google Glass fully hands free.

What do you think, a worthwhile idea or not?